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BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte

• Natural And Intense Coconut Taste 
• Adjustable Sweetness With Dual Chamber Packaging
• Mix With 150-200ml Of Hot Water; 75ml With Ice For Cold Beverage
• 10 Sachets Per Tub; 1 Carton Featuring 12 Tubs
• To Be Stored In A Cool And Dry Storage

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte Overview

    Throughout the years, as coffees are getting well-known, the world has come up with numerous types of its moderation, and one of the most easily accessible ones is instant coffee; they are invented to make it easier for people to stir their beloved drinks, with just adding the premix with hot water and some additional sweetener. In some cultures, such as the United Arab Emirates, this dark beverage is regarded as a representation of the hospitality that the people of the nation are known for. Due to the expanding flavours, we have also created the taste of our very own, BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte.

    Coffee Strength

    It is a well-known fact that your drink will taste stronger the more caffeine you consume. The strength is also present in BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte. The strength of our coffee is a 3 out of 5. Since the syrup packet and premix sachet are packaged separately, you can adjust the sweetness of our instant beverage however you like. This function allows you to precisely control the sweetness and bitterness.

    Our BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte has its coffee strength.

    Dual-Chambered Sachet

    BlackMo has a philosophy for a healthier beverage. In doing so and catering towards diet practitioners and everyone else, our blackstrap molasses is separated from the coffee premix. The chambers are separated as follows:
    • the coffee premix and oat milk are mixed on the left.
    • Molasses syrup are as found on the right

    Blended Coffee Beans

    The coffee beans used in BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte are micro-ground to provide a uniformly fine consistency and speedy dissolution. After that, each caffeine crystal is subjected to a freeze-drying procedure, which enables the maximum amount of flavour, fragrance, and nutrition to be preserved.

    • Micro-Grounded

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte draws attention to roasted coffee beans that have been ground into pulverulent fleck size, making them more soluble in water. Additionally, unlike other fast beverages, our caffeine product does not use the drying process. We also have that unique roasted note, which results in a fuller flavour.

    Our BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte is micro grounded and freeze - dried.

    • Freeze Drying

    The caffeine in our drink is freeze-dried, which has many of the same great qualities as soluble coffee. Additionally, our premix dries at a low temperature. The beans may retain the essential zest notes, preserves the scent as if they were newly roasted and are safe from nutrient degradation. These are the distinguishing qualities of BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte.

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte contains oat milk and coconut powder.

    Added Coconut & Oat Milk Powder

    The coconut powder used in making BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte lends the drink a rich, nutty, and sweet flavour, as well as a floral aroma and velvety smoothness.

    BlackMo’s popular coffee drink, the Coconut Latte, also incorporates oat milk powder. Adding oat milk powder to our premix gave it a mellow, creamy, somewhat sweet, and nutty flavour, much to the delight of our customers.

    Blackstrap Molasses As Sugar Replacement

    Blackstrap molasses, the byproduct of sugarcane refining, has a rich, sweet flavour and a slightly burnt aroma because it retains many of its original nutrients. Coconut Latte’s molasses syrup sweetener is a powerful antioxidant and has additional health benefits.

    • Sweetness Level Indicator

    The sweetness of your Coconut Latte can be adjusted from less, half, or full, as shown by the indication on the front of the two-chambered sachet. Home baristas could benefit from having the option to tweak the sugar content of their nutty and creamy coffee drink.

    • Low GI Value

    Since molasses is exercised in BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte, their low glycemic index (GI) status is accepted, which specifically slows your blood sugar levels. The creamy caffeine beverage made with Low GI molasses syrup will help people lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

    • Cholesterol-Free

    The molasses syrup’s feature to reduce heart disease risk is owing to the presence of molasses, which can be founded in BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte, which is cholesterol-free. Caffeine premixes that use molasses syrup as a sweetener are a viable option for those looking to keep their cholesterol in check.

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut latte's molasses syrup is low GI and Cholesterol-free.

    Making BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte

    Since a home barista can whip up the BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte in a flash, it’s perfect for regular use or as a star at any party. These instructions will help you make the best coconut latte ever:

    Hot Coconut Latte Steps:

    1. Pour the Coconut Latte premix (part 1) into the cup.
    2. Add 150-200mL of hot water and stir.
    3. Pour the blackstrap molasses syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your preferred sweet taste.
    4. Hot Coconut Latte is ready to serve.

    Iced Coconut Latte Steps:

    1. Pour the Coconut Latte premix (part 1) into the cup.
    2. Add 75ml hot water and stir.
    3. Pour the blackstrap molasses syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your preferred sweet taste.
    4. Add ice cubes and serve the iced Coconut Latte.


    Our management team has studied every possible scenario to ensure that the factory will deliver the BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte to wholesalers and consumers in a clean and fully operational container:

    Airtight Tub – An airtight container ensures that the Coconut Latte premix stored within will never come into contact with air.

    Special Packaging – BlackMo’s four-layer packaging technique ensures the quality and durability of the container holding the Coconut Latte instant coffee drink.

    Sustainable Conscious – Recycling containers is one of the best and cheapest ways to decrease the negative effects of packing on the environment. This is why BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte is sold in recyclable tubs for the end user’s convenience.

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte's Packaging.

    Storage Instructions

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte has a longer shelf life if kept in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight. Customers, both at home and in commercial establishments, can profit from this storage method, which is compatible with sachets and tubs.


    We at BlackMo are proud to share that our Coconut Latte has received approval from the appropriate authorities and can now be sold in stores. We are dedicated to maintaining industry standards and providing sufficient training, all demonstrated by our certificates.

    Halal JAKIM, ISO, and Mesti's Logo


    Can the BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte be prepared as a cold drink?

    Yeah, of course! Once the Coconut Latte premix coffee is dissolved in hot water, pour in the molasses syrup according to your preferred sweetness and add a few ice cubes. The cold drink is now ready to serve and consume.

    Why BlackMo uses oat milk powder to formulate Coconut Latte?

    Oat milk powder is used as the main ingredient in the creamer part of the Coconut Latte. It hints at a nutty taste that is different from the normal creamers and the benefits of oat. As the milk comes from the oat itself, it is a good source of fibre especially beta-glucan and contains zero trans-fat, which makes it a better choice for daily consumption.

    What is the taste of BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte?

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte is a creamy and smooth latte. It has a rich taste of coconut comes from coconut milk powder. The coconut latte has a delicate, nutty scent that pervades the modest creamy texture provided by the oat milk powder. Also, the secret recipe of molasses syrup with its unique and bittersweet taste is surprisingly blends well with the coconut latte.

    Technical Specifications

    General Information:
    Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
    Blackmo Oat Milk Coconut Latte

    Product Code

    9 556481 257019

    Total Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    *Net Weight (Tub)

    340g ( 34g X 10 Sachets )

    11.99 oz ( 1.199 oz X 10 Sachets )

    Gross Weight: 460g / 16.226 oz

    Weight (1 Tub + 1 Carton + Packaging Material)

    1.26 kg

    44.45 oz

    Weight (Lid Only)

    13.1 g

    0.46 oz

    Weight (Tub Only)

    60.5 g

    2.13 oz

    Weight (Per Sachet)

    *Net Weight

    34 g

    1.20 oz

    Dimensions (Whole Tub) (Length x Width x Height)

    152.32mm Length X 130.86mm Width X 158.00mm Height

    6 ″ Length vs 5.15 ″ Width x 6.22 ″ Height

    Dimensions (Lid) (Diameter)

    148.72 mm

    5.856 ″

    Dimensions (Sachet) (Length x Width x Height)

    220 mm x 150 mm

    8.66 ″ x 5.91 ″

    Number Of Sachets Available Per Tub

    10 sachets


    18 months from the date of manufacturing

    Ingredients Information:

    Ingredient List

    Oat Milk Powder (38.5%)

    Molasses syrup (38%)
    [ Blackstrap Molasses, Fructose, Glucose, Trisodium Phosphate (INS 339iii) ]

    Potassium Sorbate (INS 202)

    Sucralose (INS 955)]

    Soluble Freeze-Dried And Microground Coffee (10.5%)

    Coconut Milk Powder (6.5%)

    Milk Solid



    Silicon Dioxide (INS 551)

    Premixed Powder Weight

    21 g

    0.74 oz

    Coffee Processing

    Micro Grinding
    Freeze Drying

    Caffeine Inclusion

    Yes (Included And Not Decaffeinated)

    Caffeine Intake (Milligrams (mg) / Grain)


    0.0011-0.0032 oz

    Blackstrap Molasses Composition

    Molasses Syrup (38%)

    Blackstrap Molasses Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    13 g

    0.46 oz

    Food Labelling



    ISO 9001:2015, Halal, Mesti, Made In Malaysia


    Ingredients Selected Are Generally Recognised As Safe (Gras)


    Body Material(s)


    4-Layered Packaging Body Material (Food Grade Materials)


    Made From Polypropylene (PP)


    Other Information


    Keep In A Cool And Dry Place.

    Product Origins

    Product Of Malaysia

    Product Recyclability

    - Sachet Is Non-Recyclable.
    - Tub Is Airtight, Recyclable And Reusable.


    Allergens Information

    Contains Milk.

    Vegetarian / Vegan

    Blackmo Products Are Not Vegan As The Ingredients Consist Of Milk Derivatives But The Products Are Suitable For Lacto Vegetarian Consumers.

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