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Instant Coffee Sachets

BlackMo’s all about micro-grounding and freeze drying for a healthier instant beverage. Separated by dual chambers as found in our instant coffee sachets, make a caffeinated drink with your ideal sweetness by controlling your share of poured blackstrap molasses. 

    Freeze Dried Coffee Bean For A Nutritious, Instantaneous Drink
    The freeze-drying operation in BlackMo’s instant coffee sachets imply freezing the coffee decoction, cutting it into tiny pieces, and then vacuum-drying the details at small temperatures. Freeze-drying prevents the product’s proteins, vitamins, and nutrients from denaturing. Its high concentration of potent antioxidants causes instant coffee’s linked health gains. An analysis discovered that instant coffee might have even loftier levels of antioxidants, considering how it is prepared.
    Further Introduction Of Blended Microground Beans For Increased Soluble Coffee Action
    Premium variants of BlackMo’s instant coffee tubs are now available! BlackMo applied roasted coffee beans ground to a highly tiny grain size as its special selling point to make them more soluble. Unlike the typical instant coffee with characteristic roasted overtones, it is not spray-dried. It is an excellent end as micro-ground coffee creates a deeper coffee smack.
    White Coffee Technique Making (With Lower Temperature & Duration) For A Different Caffeinated Flair
    To further your grasp, white coffee has been roasted for a specific time, halfway through, at a reduced temperature. If one roasts off less caffeine, utilising this technique could result in a higher level of caffeine. With this medium to fabricate instant coffee sachets, a range of caffeinated tastes can be prepared by BlackMo, and consumers can go for any proportion to their partialities.
    Fibre Enrichment From Oat Milk With BlackMo's Immediate Beverage
    Since oat milk has the highest fibre content, including it in your instant coffee sachets will balloon the antioxidant effects of vitamin E in oats. Oat milk has an unrefined sugariness via oat and top carbs. It is unique because it has some soluble fibre known as beta glucan, which offers oat milk a somewhat creamier consistency. Oat milk has little saturated fat and is rich in soluble fibre, which drops blood cholesterol. It could also slow the assimilation of carbohydrates coming from food and balances blood sugar degrees.
    Added Coconut Milk Powder For Additional Nutritional Source In Your Instant Coffee Sachets
    The untold sakes of coconut milk powder make it a fantastic substitute for milk. These benefits cover aiding in weight loss, boosting breathing, and regulating heart purpose. Coconut milk powder is an attractive option for lactose-free coffee, just like BlackMo’s instant coffee sachets. The majority of coconut milk powders are sugar-free. Yet, coconut milk’s inherent sweet taste puts a pleasant touch on your coffee.
    Healthy Blackstrap Molasses Syrup Filled With Natural Mineral & Vitamins Use
    The thickest and shadiest diversity of molasses, blackstrap is made from sugarcane and has a tendency to taste bitter. It is a nutrient-rich food that can provide a healthier alternative to sugar. Vitamins like iron, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, copper, and so forth are the critical minerals in blackstrap molasses. Utilising molasses as a sweetener will give your coffee a full-flavoured smack with no numerous calories as white sugar.

    Supercharge Your Day With A Healthy Caffeinated Drink

    Do you need the pungent scent of coffee to greet the dawn? Worry not, for those in Sharjah, let’s get your day off to a thrilling start with BlackMo Coffee! With a blend of nutrients in our soluble caffeinated beverages, it is guaranteed that you will never be disappointed.

    A Quick 30 Seconds Preparation Time For BlackMo's Beverage

    It doesn’t necessarily take long to brew BlackMo instant coffee sachets, which are packed into a tub. For those in Dubai who value efficiency, just add hot water to the BlackMo’s quick self-made coffee of your choice, stir, and enjoy! 

    Control Your Mug Of Instantaneous Coffee's Sweetness By Brewing Your Own Way

    Some Abu Dhabi coffee drinkers could become concerned if the coffee they want is too thick, too sweet, too bitter, etc. However, they can modify their formula or recipe with BlackMo instant coffee sachets. Like a barista, they could also customise the coffee’s brewing.

    Halal JAKIM, ISO, and Mesti's Logo

    An Instant Coffee In Sachets With World-Class Manufacturing Standard

    With all of the abovementioned certifications, BlackMo Coffee is ensured to adhere to criteria set by internationally recognised grades for comprehensive utilisation. The credentials also serve as further evidence that all BlackMo instant coffee sachets are produced using only the highest, best, and most secure quality, solely for Umm Al-Quwain.

    Featuring Low-GI Blackstrap Molasses For The Dietary Conscious

    Good day Emiratis! BlackMo instant coffee sachets can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those who mind diet in their daily nutrition and drinks, as the fabrication always focuses on the standard of the ingredients applied. BlackMo coffee is absolute for dieters as it doesn’t cause low-glycemic index (GI) increases in those who devour it.

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    Smart Packaging With BlackMo

    One ingenious idea is BlackMo Coffee’s dual-chamber packaging in its instant coffee sachets. Since the premix and syrup are packaged apart, consumers can amend the sweetness.


    How it is different from the coffee we generally consume?

    Typical store-bought premix coffee contains instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, and white sugar. Oat milk powder is the primary component in the "creamer" portion of BlackMo instant coffee sachets, giving it a somewhat nutty flavour in addition to the usual creamer's advantages. In addition, instead of using refined sugars like white sugar or brown sugar, BlackMo instant coffee sachets rely on molasses syrup. It imparts a flavour unlike any other coffee and, as a bonus, has health advantages that regular sugar lacks. If that's the case, what about the coffee, then? The coffee in BlackMo instant sachets is both freeze-dried and micro-ground. It's true; there are two types of coffee that each have their unique attributes that contribute to the robust flavour and aromatic intensity that coffee is known for.

    Can BlackMo's instant coffee sachets be prepared as a cold drink?

    Yes. Once the premix instant coffee sachets are dissolved in hot water, pour in the molasses syrup according to your preferred sweetness and add a few ice cubes. The cold drink of instant coffee sachets is now ready to serve and consume.

    Can BlackMo's instant coffee sachets be consumed without adding the molasses syrup?

    Give it a shot. Discover and enjoy the subtle sweetness that comes from the special powder premix itself.

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