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BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte

• Milky, Creamy Flavour Instant Latte
• Adjustable Sweetness With Dual-Chamber Packaging
• Mix With 150-180ml Of Hot Water; 75ml With Ice For Cold Beverage
• 10 Sachets Per Tub; 1 Carton Featuring 12 Tubs
• To Be Stored In A Cool And Dry Storage

    BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte Overview

    Latte is an Italian-style caffeine drink made with espresso and steaming milk. There are many flavours to choose from in the market. Other options include substituting other beverages for the coffee, such as mate, matcha, turmeric, rooibos, masala chai (spiced Indian tea), soy milk, or almond milk.
    Windfalls of convenient beverages subsume fleetness of production, inferior shipment massiveness and volume than beans and or ground coffee, as well as extended longevity. Although, instant caffeine beverages can be damaged if it is not kept dry. Instant drinks also mitigate cleanup due to no grounded beans. Due to the expanding flavours, we have also created the taste of our very own, BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte.

    Coffee Strength

    It is a known fact that the more coffee you utilize, the stronger it will taste. BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte also contains its strength. For our product, the strength is 2 out of 5. Our instant ca sweetness can be balanced however you desire since the syrup packet and premix sachet are packed separately. With this feature, you can adjust the sweetness and bitterness accordingly.

    Dual-Chambered Sachet

    BlackMo has a philosophy for a healthier beverage. In doing so, and in catering towards diet practitioners and for everyone else, our blackstrap molasses is separated from the coffee premix. The chambers are separated as followed:

     • Powderised coffee and oat milk is mixed on the left.
     • Blackstrap molasses as found on the right

    Blended Coffee Beans

    In order to achieve the ideal tang experience, BlackMo has attended sessions of coffee tasting experiences. The result of this visitation have us introduced a blend of beans for the creation of our Oat Milk Instant Latte. If you add at least 30-90gm of caffeine, your drink will have the outcome of natural flavour.

    • Micro-Grounded

    The roasted coffee beans in our caffeine beverages have been grounded to a fine fleck size, which increases their water solubility. The dried process is not used for BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte either, unlike other instant drinks. Additionally, we have that unique roasted note that results in a fuller flavour.

    Our BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut Latte is micro grounded and freeze - dried.

    • Freeze Drying

    Our beverage features freeze-dried caffeine, which entails excellent characteristics of soluble coffee. Moreover, our premix also dries at a low temperature. All in all, the notable features of BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte are the beans can retain the crucial zest notes, preserves the aroma as if it is freshly roasted, and stood away from nutrient degeneration.

    2 bowls of oat, 1 glass jug and a cup contain milk,

    Added Oat Milk Powder

    • Our caffeine premix also includes Oat Milk Powder.
    • Oat milk tastes better and complements coffee in BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte recipes. It also improves the latte’s smoothness.

    Blackstrap Molasses As Sugar Replacement

    It is a natural sweetener that contains a lot of health benefits and thus is suitable for BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte. Blackstrap Molasses are rich in antioxidants which help to protect the body from free radicals and molecules that are harmful to human health when present in large amounts.

    • Sugar Level Indicator

    Customers and retailers can both see the sugar level indication on the front of BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte packaging, which can be altered to one of three states: less, half, or full. It would be helpful if the coffee sachet had a sweetness metre so that home baristas could adjust the syrup in their cups to their preferences.

    • Low GI Value

    Since molasses is used in BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte, their low glycemic index (GI) status is acknowledged, which slows the rise of blood sugar levels. A low-glycemic index (low-GI) diet is a way of eating that takes into account how different dietary ingredients affect how much blood sugar is in the blood. According to a scale from 0 to 100, the glycemic index rates foods.

    • Cholesterol-Free

    Molasses, which has the benefit of being cholesterol-free, is an ingredient in BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte. This is due to the potassium that lowers cholesterol being accommodated by blackstrap molasses. Popular high-potassium foods include molasses. The food must have no more than 2 milligrammes of cholesterol and 2 grammes of saturated fat per serving to be considered cholesterol-free.

    BlackMo Oat Milk Coconut latte's molasses syrup is low GI and Cholesterol-free.

    Making BlackMo's Oat Milk Instant Latte

    Any circumstance, at any moment of day, can benefit from BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte. The powder and molasses syrup containers can be monastically peeled apart, and the components can then be emptied into your mug. You may utilize a spoon later to adequately stir your drinks. For a hot or cold latte, you can utilize the directions below:

    Steps (Hot Drink):
    • Pour the premix (part 1) into the cup.
    • Add 150 ml – 180 ml of hot water and stir.
    • Pour the syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your own preferred sweet taste.

    Steps (Cold Drink):
    • Pour the premix (part 1) into the cup.
    • Add 75 ml hot water and stir.
    • Pour the syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your own preferred sweet taste.
    • Add ice cubes and serve.


    Our customer’s health and safety are prioritised in the packaging of every one of our products, including Instant Latte. As a result, we can be certain that our items will remain fresh and safe for consumption.

    • Airtight Tub – The packaging for the brew keeps condensation from forming inside the container, ensuring that the premix remains dry. By keeping the powder in tightly closed containers, which also prevents odour, rotting, and the development of bacteria that could contaminate BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte, it is kept fresh.

    • Special Packaging – The strength and superior quality of the container used to hold BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte are guaranteed by our four-layer packing process. This strategy enables us to guarantee that our beverage leaves the production facility undamaged and makes it to the retailer.

    • Sustainable Conscious – When creating Instant Latte, BlackMo adheres to The Food Management System guidelines. To ensure that our drink is safe to consume and won’t spread food contamination, our coffee production is obliged to adhere to a food safety protocol.

    Storage Instructions

    To ensure that This Instant Latte lasts the full 18 months of its shelf life, we advise keeping it in a cool, dry area. It should ideally be kept on kitchen countertops and in cabinets.


    To increase consumer confidence in BlackMo Oat Milk Instant Latte products, we have worked hard to obtain ISO 9001:2015, Halal, MeSTI, and FDA certifications.

    Halal JAKIM, ISO, and Mesti's Logo


    How does Blackstrap Molasses taste?

    Blackstrap molasses has a thick, almost syrup-like viscosity and a sweet flavour that is not quite as sweet as maple syrup and slightly bitter. We combine maple syrup and blackstrap molasses to mask the bitter flavour.

    How strong is your coffee?

    Our Instant Latte coffee strength rating is 2/5, which is not particularly strong if you prefer a stronger cup of coffee. However, we do suggest this to people who prefer light lattes and are unable to consume drinks with a strong coffee flavour.

    What is the best temperature to brew Instant Latte?

    The ideal water temperature for brewing the latte is 85°C (185°F). By doing so, you can be sure that the premix is completely dissolved and enjoy a wonderful drinking experience.

    Technical Specifications Table of BlackMo’s Instant Latte

    General Information:
    Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
    Blackmo Oat Milk Latte

    Product Code


    Total Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    *Net Weight (Tub)

    340g ( 34g X 10 Sachets )

    11.99 oz ( 1.199 oz X 10 Sachets )

    Gross Weight: 460g / 16.226 oz

    Weight (1 Tub + 1 Carton + Packaging Material)

    1.26 kg

    44.45 oz

    Weight (Lid Only)

    13.1 g

    0.46 oz

    Weight (Tub Only)

    60.5 g

    2.13 oz

    Weight (Per Sachet)

    *Net Weight

    34 g

    1.20 oz

    Dimensions (Whole Tub) (Length x Width x Height)

    152.32mm Length X 130.86mm Width X 158.00mm Height

    6 ″ Length vs 5.15 ″ Width x 6.22 ″ Height

    Dimensions (Lid) (Diameter)

    148.72 mm

    5.856 ″

    Dimensions (Sachet) (Length x Width x Height)

    220 mm x 150 mm

    8.66 ″ x 5.91 ″

    Number Of Sachets Available Per Tub

    10 sachets


    18 months from the date of manufacturing

    Ingredients Information:

    Ingredient List

    BlackMo Oat Milk Latte

    Ingredients: Oat milk powder (39%), molasses syrup (38%) [blackstrap molasses, fructose, glucose, trisodium phosphate (INS 339iii), potassium sorbate (INS 202) and sucralose (INS 955)], milk solid, soluble freeze dried coffee and microground coffee (10%), maltodextrin, flavours and silicon dioxide (INS 551).

    Premixed Powder Weight

    21 g

    0.74 oz

    Coffee Processing

    • Micro grinding process

    • Freeze drying process

    Caffeine Inclusion

    Yes (Included And Not Decaffeinated)

    Caffeine Intake (Milligrams (mg) / Grain)


    0.0011-0.0032 oz

    Blackstrap Molasses Composition

    Molasses Syrup (38%)

    Blackstrap Molasses Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    13 g

    0.46 oz

    Food Labelling


    ISO 9001:2015, Halal, MeSTI, Buatan Malaysia


    Ingredients Selected Are Generally Recognised As Safe (Gras)

    Body Material(s)


    4-Layered Packaging Body Material (Food grade materials)


    Made from Polypropylene (PP)

    Other Information


    Keep in a cool and dry place.

    Product Origins
    Product of Malaysia
    Product Recyclability

    - Sachet is non-recyclable.

    - Tub is airtight, recyclable and reusable.

    Allergens Information

    Contains Milk.

    Vegetarian / Vegan
    BlackMo products are not vegan as the ingredients consist of milk derivatives but the products are suitable for lacto vegetarian consumers.
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