BlackMo As Your Instant Coffee Supplier In UAE

BlackMo As Your Instant Coffee Supplier In UAE

Get ready, because we are bringing something new to you. BlackMo is now distributing and supplying delicious drinks in dual sachets in a small, lightweight portable tubs. You can enjoy it yourself and share the experience
with your loved ones.

Get ready, because we are bringing something new to you.
BlackMo is now distributing and supplying delicious drinks 
in dual sachets in a small, lightweight portable tubs in UAE.
You can enjoy it yourself and share the experience
with your loved ones.

We're Turning The Stigma Of Instant Beverages To A Healthier Drink

Often times, instant beverages are regard as not healthy but not with BlackMo. Our drinks are not only tasty but healthy too as we have formulated BlackMo to break the stigma of the typical instant beverages.

No Creamer Added

BlackMo uses oat milk powder for the creamer part of the drinks.

Absent Of White Sugar

Blackstrap molasses used as a substitute of white sugar for our coffee and tea products.

Nutrient-Rich Beans

Our coffee is a combination of micro ground coffee and freeze-dried coffee.

Our Coffee Brand Uses Blackstrap Molasses Syrup As Asia's First

There is a unique and distinctive point about BlackMo as an Instant Coffee Supplier. We became the first company to use the blackstrap molasses syrup in our products which is remarkable. We have included molasses and high-quality ingredients in each one of our soluble coffee and tea products.

Only Perfected Beverage Supplies Inspired To 'Be Your Own Barista' In Motto

Aligned with our slogan of ‘Be Your Own Barista,’ you can adjust the sweetness of your coffee with Blackmo according to your personal preferences. Brew the instant soluble coffee and tea just like a barista with our Instant Coffee Sachet.

Wholesale BlackMo's Caffeinated Products Now

We have come up with two selections of wholesaled caffeinated products that our customer can choose from such as coffee products or milk tea products. As an Instant Coffee Supplier for UAE, we want to provide our customers with a variety of beverage products so that they can view and decide on what they like best. 

Coffee Products

BlackMo’s coffee products have been formulated with the best coffee beans.

See Our Instant Coffee Satchets
Milk Tea Products

Our milk tea products are made by selected fragrant tea extracts.

View Instant Milk Tea List

Backed By More Than 3 Years of Research Before Immediate Coffee Manufacturing

To make sure that we are ready as an Instant Coffee Supplier in the Middle East, we have equipped precise standard operating procedures. BlackMo has done extensive research over a period of time before moving on to the phase of manufacturing the products.

Understanding BlackMo's Value Proposition As An Instant Coffee Supplier

As an Instant Coffee Supplier that supplies in the United Arab Emirates, we also have the complete value proposition that you can view so that you can get to know our products more.


Other Brands

Type Of Instant Coffee

Microground Coffee


Soluble Freeze-Dried Coffee

Spray-Dried Instant Coffee


Oat Milk Powder

Non-Dairy Creamer


Molasses Syrup

White Sugar


Brown Sugar

Primary Packaging

Dual Pack

(Joined Compartments)


Secondary Packaging


Inner Box


Outer Bag

Led By Caffeine Making Veterans Of 6+ Decades In The FMCG Industry

BlackMo is one of the coffee brands under Guan Tong Industries Sdn. Bhd. which has more than 70 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The company has successfully launched more than 100 products ranging from traditional and premix coffee to cordials and ready-to-drink beverages.

Guan Tong Industries

View BlackMo's Merchandise List As An Instant Coffee Supplier

As an Instant Coffee Supplier that supplies in Dubai, we have a list of our products so that our customers could choose the drinks themselves. Have a look at all of our coffee and milk tea flavours here.

Carry BlackMo As Your Consumer Packaged Goods Anywhere

Bring along our Instant Coffee Sachet wherever you go as it is easy to carry the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) for you to enjoy it no matter where you are.


A caffeinated drink could help and give you a boost. Make sure to have BlackMo at your office as you can make it in a short time instead of going out of the office to a coffee shop to get a drink.


Home sweet home is the place where most of us spend our time with our family. Make it sweeter by having BlackMo in your household. By having BlackMo in your house, you can serve coffee or even tea and share it with your family. What is better than spending quality time in the house with your family with delicious drinks? You can prepare it at home at any time of the day, whether during breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner.


You can also enjoy BlackMo when you are at the outdoors when you bring it along with you. Especially, if you are a lover of the outdoors. You can carry our packaged products easily and consume it while enjoying the fresh and open air of the outdoors. For example, you can go for a camping trip with your friends and prepare it when you want to drink the tasty beverages with your friends.


Quench your thirst with BlackMo when you are at the offshore as the hot weather could make you feel thirsty. You will instantly feel refresh when you drink BlackMo especially when it is cold as you can add ice to the drinks. Experience the calming time at the offshore and get away from the stress and problems of life and appreciate the precious moment as you drink BlackMo coffee or tea. You will love it.

Featuring A Well-Thought Product Designing With This Instant Coffee Supplier

As an Instant Coffee Supplier, we always brainstorm for the best concepts and idea in order to make sure every single element of our products is well-thought by us. This would also include the design of BlackMo.

What Our Trialed Corporate Testers Says About BlackMo’s Caffeinated Drinks

We have received great feedbacks on BlackMo caffeinated drinks from our customers who are also corporate testers as they tried our products.

Adhering To Greener Practices As An Instantaneous Coffee Manufacturer

Here at BlackMo, we are applying green practices with the goal to reduce and minimize wastes that would impact the environment negatively. One of the steps that we have taken is by using tubs that are made from polypropylene which is 100% recyclable. We also use the In-Mould-Labelling technology as the use of it has able to reduce the usage of papers and plastics.


Why oat milk powder is better and healthier choice compared to non-dairy creamer?

Non-dairy creamer is made of hydrogenated vegetable oil, which may contain trans fat. The hydrogenation process has led to the formation of trans fat, which can be harmful to our well-being. It's a superior option for daily intake because it's made from whole oats, so it's high in fibre (particularly beta-glucan), and it has no trans fat.

Why blackstrap molasses is used as a sugar alternative?

Blackstrap molasses is a sugar by-product that's high in beneficial nutrients. Several health benefits, like being low in cholesterol, and antioxidant content are included. The rich and distinctive flavour of this drink is a result of its bittersweet and moderate saltiness. The darkest and thickest syrup is what's left after all the sugar has been extracted from raw sugarcane, and it provides the drink with a substantial body with each gulp.

What is freeze-dried coffee and microground coffee?

You can't beat the quality of freeze-dried coffee if you're looking for an instant variety. The process of freeze drying involves chilling the extracted coffee concentrate to temperatures about -40 degrees Celsius. The coffee beans' fundamental and valuable flavour and aroma are best preserved by functioning at extremely low temperatures and under moderate drying conditions. Roasted coffee is microground, or ground to such a fine consistency that it dissolves more easily in water. Unlike typical instant coffee, this does not go through a spray-drying process. That's why it produces a unique flavour profile that's quite close to that of brewed coffee.

Are BlackMo products vegan and dairy-free?

Although not vegan, lactose vegetarians can safely use BlackMo products. The coffee and milk tea items do not suit those who avoid dairy because they contain milk ingredients.

How convenient is it with the dual pack?

Each serving of the dual pack consists of a single sachet containing both the premix powder and the molasses syrup. For those who like their beverages without as much sugar, simply use fewer molasses syrup when serving. You may be your barista and experiment with the sweetener's quantities according to the sachet's clear instructions and accompanying illustrations.

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