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Instant Milk Tea Sachet

To cope with the current lifestyle of wanting everything short and fast, BlackMo has developed a quick and easy ready-to-drink Milk Tea. A short sip of refreshing milk tea while dealing with various work may boost our mood throughout the day!

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    Black Tea Extract For A Refreshing Aroma
    They are prepared from prolonged heating to increase the oxidation of the tea leaves to give the best black tea extract. Also known as oolong tea, this black tea extract is used. It has a strong aroma that can help release stress and calm and boost the energy to start your day with a cup of aromatic tea.
    Jasmine Tea Powder For Additional Beverage Fragrance
    Jasmine tea is one of the best tea smells. The pungent smell from a Jasmine blossom is the key to the sweet and savoury milk tea. Everyone loves the smell of excellent and creamy milk tea before chucking the entire liquid. Not only for the scent, but Jasmin tea is also widely known for having various benefits, such as drinking Jasmine tea can help to reduce heart disease, particularly cancer and improve health performance.
    Maple Syrup To Complement BlackMo’s Milk Tea's Sweetness
    Like other ingredients, maple syrup is high in antioxidants and other nutrients like zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and many more. Acting as a placement for sugar, maple syrup is also considered a healthy sugar replacement together with molasses. In BlackMo, we use maple syrup for instant milk tea to obtain a sweet taste after mixing everything to create a healthy instant boba milk tea.
    Oat Milk's Fibre In BlackMo’s Immediate Beverage
    Oat milk is an excellent start to switching to a healthy lifestyle. But, despite its widespread use in many stores nowadays, have you seen any 3-in-1 milk tea using oat milk? Vegan, lactose-free, great sources of vitamins, low LDL cholesterol and high fibre– all this you can get by consuming instant boba milk tea that uses oat milk over dairy milk. Rich in fibre helps to regulate sugar intake in the body. So, for dietary purposes, eating and drinking high-fibre food can help someone gain a healthy body.
    Healthy Blackstrap Molasses Syrup Filled With Natural Mineral & Vitamins Use
    Did you know blackstrap molasses is healthier than regular sugar? It is because molasses contains more beneficial nutrients and is a good sugar substitute. Not only rich in natural minerals and vitamins, but molasses can also help to relieve constipation, help treat and support bone and repair skin hair.
    Two different sized glasses of milk tea next to an illustration that indicates the absence of creamers.

    A Healthy Drink To Cooldown Your Day

    Milk tea is best to enjoy during a hectic day. Cooling your day with a cup of instant milk tea sachet can make you feel refreshed to continue your day.  Not to forget, adding ice cubes inside the milk tea and drinking it during a hot sunny evening can help overcome the heat from the scorching sun in your surroundings.

    Two different sized glasses of milk tea next to an illustration that indicates the quick preparation time.

    Quick 30 Seconds Preparation Time For BlackMo’s Beverage

    BlackMo instant milk tea packaging is like an instant noodles cup packaging. It came with premix and syrup in one sachet. Add water, give it a little bit of stir and the milk tea is ready to serve. You can also choose whether you want to savour hot milk tea or iced milk tea.

    A sachet of BlackMo’s Maple Tea next to an illustration of a sweet to bitter measuring meter.

    Control Your Mug Of Instantaneous Milk Tea’s Sweetness By Brewing Your Own Way

    A distinctive way of thinking from BlackMo’s team has led to a discovery where the packaging for the syrup is made with a line showing the percentage of how much sweetness the milk tea will be. Diabetic and dietary people can control the tea’s syrupiness by themself compared to regular 3-in-1 instant milk tea.

    The complete list of BlackMo’s acquired certifications.

    An Instant Milk Tea In Tub With World-Class Manufacturing Standard

    To ensure BlackMo’s product is safe to consume by consumers, we have been going through different types of examinations to ensure everything is safe. By getting all these credentials, BlackMo wants the consumers to give complete trust and believes in us as their first choice of instant milk tea sachet supplier. 

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    Featuring Low-GI Blackstrap Molasses For The Dietary Conscious

    Introduce healthy Blackstrap Molasses to our oat milk tea products to boost sales at your store or coffee shops. With a low glycemic index (GI) count, BlackMo’s premix boba sachet is a tasty beverage that helps you feel fuller for longer. 

    Milk Tea Sachet List

    BlackMo’s Maple Tea tub and sachet packaging in full display on wooden platforms.

    Smart Packaging With BlackMo

    The clue to quick preparation is actually from the unique packaging designed by BlackMo. We have come up with a new way of packaging that is easy to handle and can let the consumer adjust their sweetness level based on preference. 


    What is milk tea?

    Milk tea is a beverage that consists of milk and tea—also known as boba tea, widely known primarily in South Asian countries. Milk tea can be served either hot or cold based on your preferences.

    Is milk tea just milk and tea?

    Yes, at first, milk tea was just milk and tea, but after going through numerous research and development, some outlets started to mix the milk tea with other ingredients to boost their sales or create a new type of milk tea based on their creativity.

    Is milk tea good for health?

    Consuming a lot of milk tea is bad for the health, especially when the ingredients used are non-healthy ingredients like dairy creamer. Thus, BlackMo developed a new solution for milk tea enjoyers to enjoy non-dairy creamer milk tea.

    Do non-dairy mean vegan?

    No, not all non-dairy beverages are vegan, and vice versa. Non-dairy only means the drink does not contain dairy products, while vegan means the liquids band everything, including animals, non-dairy, eggs, meat, fish and many more.

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