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BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea

• Sweet And Fragrance Jasmine Tea Taste
• Adjustable Sweetness With Dual Chamber Packaging
• Mix With 150-200ml Of Hot Water; 75ml With Ice For Cold Beverage
• 10 Sachets Per Tub; 1 Carton Featuring 12 Tubs
• To Be Stored In A Cool And Dry Storage

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    BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea Overview

    BlackMo has begun working on an instant healthy beverage product, which would cater to consumers who want to buy a tapioca ball drink but don’t want to wait in a long line. But in addition to that, the cup with the floral smell is ideal for serving your clientele in UAE. Perfect Fans of pearl drinks won’t notice a difference in flavour when using BlackMo’s Jasmine Milk Tea mix sachet instead of the regular bubble beverage they’d get from a tea shop. Honey, brown sugar, whipped cream, cream cheese, grass jelly, or pudding are all great additions to Jasmine Milk Tea to enhance the taste. BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea has a charm that can capture the people’s hearts in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area, so give it a try!

    Tea Strength

    The flavour intensity scale for BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea is set at 3 out of 5. Its sweet and floral taste makes it a customer favourite at tea shops and dining facilities. Jasmine Milk Tea is also perfect for professional settings in order-taking, product demonstrations, and meetings in the United Arab Emirates.

    A sweet to bitter meter illustration to indicate tea strength.
    BlackMo’s White Coffee’s dual chamber packaging displaying separate chambers for the milk tea and molasses syrup.

    Dual-Chambered Sachet

    BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea single-serve sachets come with a separate but connected pouch for the premix extract and the molasses syrup. Those with a low tolerance for sugar can control the sweetness of their Floral Brew by adding less syrup.

    Selected Black Tea Extract

    One can tell a lot about the grade of black tea extract in BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea by its aroma, flavour, and the colour it turns when it’s brewed. The selected black tea extract, combined with the scent of jasmine flowers, is sure to pique the interest of consumers eager to try the milk tea beverage.

    2 bowls of oat, 1 glass jug and a cup contain milk.

    Added Oat Milk Powder

    • The Jasmine Milk Tea’s premix sachets have been upgraded with oat milk powder, making them taste even more pleasing. 

    • The United Arab Emirates residential and commercial enterprises can now enjoy a cup of creamy and foamy floral beverage thanks to the addition of oat milk powder to jasmine milk tea.

    Blackstrap Molasses As A Sugar Replacement

    Blackstrap molasses is used as a natural or sugar replacement in BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea. Treacle is the thick, dark brown or reddish nectar that is left over after glucose has been extracted to its maximum potential from fresh sugarcane. The syrup used to sweeten Jasmine Milk Tea is highly antioxidant and has other beneficial effects.

    • Sweetness Level Indicator

    Jasmine Milk Tea’s front packaging displays a sweetness level indicator that can be set to less, half, or full. It would be helpful for home baristas to adjust the sweetness of their floral drink.

    Low GI Value

    Blackstrap molasses in Jasmine Milk Tea has a low glycemic index because it releases glucose into the bloodstream gradually but steadily. It will promote a healthier and more energetic consumer life.


    Molasses, which has the benefit of being cholesterol-free, gives BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea its capacity to lower the risk of heart disease. It is undoubtedly possible to manage your cholesterol level by consuming the beverage.

    The low in glycemic index value and cholesterol-free icon.

    Making BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea

    This BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea premix can be prepared in a snap, making it ideal for everyday use or as a show-stopper at any gathering. You may make a cup of fragrance beverage by simply ripping open the black tea extract and syrup container and pouring it into the mug. The next step is to use a teaspoon to combine the hot water with the aromatic brew thoroughly. Jasmine Milk Tea calls for the following measure of boiling water:

    Hot Oat Milk Jasmine Tea Steps:

    1. Pour the premix black tea extract (part 1) into the cup.
    2. Add 150-200mL of hot water and stir.
    3. Pour the blackstrap molasses syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your preferred sweet taste.
    4. BlackMo’s Oat Milk Jasmine Tea is ready to serve.

    Cold Oat Milk Jasmine Tea Steps:

    1. Pour the premix black tea extract (part 1) into the cup.
    2. Add 75ml hot water and stir.
    3. Pour the blackstrap molasses syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your preferred sweet taste.
    4. Add ice cubes and serve the Jasmine Milk Tea.


    Our management team has considered every angle to guarantee that BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea will arrive in wholesalers’ and consumers’ hands in a clean, fully functional container:

    Airtight Tub – Airtight packaging ensures the Jasmine Milk Tea within never comes into contact with the air.

    Special Packaging – BlackMo has used a four-layer packaging process to guarantee the quality and longevity of the container used to hold the Jasmine Milk Teas.

    Sustainable Conscious – One of the most efficient and affordable ways to lessen the environmental impact of packaging is to recycle containers. So, we store BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea in reusable tubs to benefit the final consumer. 

    BlackMo’s Jasmine Tea tub and sachet packaging in full display on wooden platforms.

    Storage Instructions

    BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea should be stored in a cool, dry area that is out of direct sunlight for an extended shelf life. This storage technique works with tubs and sachets to benefit consumers at home and in businesses.


    BlackMo is pleased to inform retailers and consumers that our Jasmine Milk Tea has earned accreditations. The certifications received show our passion and commitment, maintain industry best practices, and deliver adequate training.

    The complete list of BlackMo’s acquired certifications.


    Can BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea be made to be served cold?

    Yeah, of course. After the BlackMo's Oat Milk Jasmine Tea premix powder has been dissolved in hot water, the next step is adding a few ice cubes and pouring in the molasses syrup, adjusting the sweetness to your liking. The iced, florally scented beverage is ready to be served and consumed in any capacity.

    Why did BlackMo choose oat milk powder to make Jasmine Milk Tea?

    Hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is included in non-dairy creamers, is a possible source of trans fat. Oat milk is rich in beta-glucan and other dietary fibres since it is made directly from whole oats. The fact that it has no trans fat makes it an even better option for Jasmine Bubble Milk Tea.

    What is the taste of BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea?

    BlackMo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea's flavour is typically described as very light, fresh, and floral, with traces of a fragrantly perfumed scent. The taste of combining jasmine flowers and the extract of black tea is at its most aromatic and refreshing. The base of the beverage is made with jasmine tea, and then it is finished off with oat milk powder, which makes the milk tea drink silkier and creamier.

    Technical Specifications Table of BlackMo’s Oat Milk Jasmine Tea

    General Information:
    Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
    Blackmo Oat Milk Jasmine Tea

    Product Code


    Total Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    *Net Weight (Tub)

    340g ( 34g X 10 Sachets )

    11.99 oz ( 1.199 oz X 10 Sachets )

    Gross Weight: 460g / 16.226 oz

    Weight (1 Tub + 1 Carton + Packaging Material)

    1.26 kg

    44.45 oz

    Weight (Lid Only)

    13.1 g

    0.46 oz

    Weight (Tub Only)

    60.5 g

    2.13 oz

    Weight (Per Sachet)

    *Net Weight

    34 g

    1.20 oz

    Dimensions (Whole Tub) (Length x Width x Height)

    152.32mm Length X 130.86mm Width X 158.00mm Height

    6 ″ Length vs 5.15 ″ Width x 6.22 ″ Height

    Dimensions (Lid) (Diameter)

    148.72 mm

    5.856 ″

    Dimensions (Sachet) (Length x Width x Height)

    220 mm x 150 mm

    8.66 ″ x 5.91 ″

    Number Of Sachets Available Per Tub

    10 sachets


    18 months from the date of manufacturing

    Ingredients Information:

    Ingredient List

    Oat Milk Powder (51%)

    Molasses Syrup (38%)
    [Blackstrap Molasses, Fructose, Glucose, Trisodium Phosphate (Ins 339iii)

    Potassium Sorbate (Ins 202) 

    Sucralose (Ins 955)]

    Milk Solid

    Malted Milk Powder (Barley)

    Jasmine Tea Powder (3%)


    Flavours And Silicon Dioxide (Ins 551).

    Premixed Powder Weight

    21 g

    0.74 oz

    Tea Type

    Selected Black Tea

    Tea Processing

    Black Tea Extract

    Caffeine Inclusion


    Caffeine Intake (Milligrams (mg) / Grain)


    Blackstrap Molasses Composition

    Molasses Syrup (38%)

    Blackstrap Molasses Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    13 g

    0.46 oz

    Food Labelling


    ISO 9001:2015, Halal, MeSTI, Buatan Malaysia


    Ingredients Selected Are Generally Recognised As Safe (Gras)

    Body Material(s)


    4-Layered Packaging Body Material (Food grade materials)


    Made from Polypropylene (PP)

    Other Information


    Keep in a cool and dry place.

    Product Origins
    Product of Malaysia
    Product Recyclability

    - Sachet is non-recyclable.

    - Tub is airtight, recyclable and reusable.

    Allergens Information

    Contains Milk And Gluten (Barley).

    Vegetarian / Vegan
    BlackMo products are not vegan as the ingredients consist of milk derivatives but the products are suitable for lacto vegetarian consumers.
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