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BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea

•  Has An Earthly Flavour Note And Fragrance Tea Aroma
•  Dual Chamber Packaging With Adjustable Sweetness
•  Mix With 150-200ml Of Hot Water; 75ml With Ice For Cold Beverage
•  10 Sachets Per Tub; 1 Carton Featuring 12 Tubs
•  To Be Stored In A Cool And Dry Storage

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    BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea Overview

    BlackMo has launched its beverage product line, Oat Milk Maple Tea. For your information, the maple syrup is the best substitute for honey, as they have a comparable flavour and nutritional profile. The company has included blackstrap molasses as the substitution for sugar, turning the tea into a healthy beverage. It is made using a combination of maple flavour, molasses, and oat milk powder and it has an earthy taste note and a soft, fragrant tea aroma. The addition of oat milk powder enhances the creaminess of this beverage. This maple tea is now available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since it is becoming quite phenomenal and is currently viral these days, the distribution of this milk tea portrays that BlackMo is a manufacturer that always keeps up-to-date with the new food trends.

    Tea Strength

    BlackMo has designed this Oat Milk Maple Tea with natural astringency (3/5 of the tea’s intensity). The manufacturer also provides blackstrap molasses as the sweetener to complement the taste of a perfect maple syrup-flavoured tea.

    A sweet to bitter meter illustration to indicate tea strength.
    BlackMo’s White Coffee’s dual chamber packaging displaying separate chambers for the milk tea and molasses syrup.

    Dual-Chamber Sachet

    This product is packed in a sachet with two chambers. This gives the consumer the option to adjust the sweetness level to their preferred level. You may change the molasses syrup quantity to get less, half, or full sweetness.

    Selected Black Tea Extract

    Oat Milk Maple Tea is made with only selected, high-quality, premium black tea extracts. BlackMo has chosen to serve only the best of the best to customers in order to provide a better experience from the first sip. 

    2 bowls of oat, 1 glass jug and a cup contain milk.

    Added Oat Milk Powder

    BlackMo has infused a new mixture of new creamer-free ingredients into the milk tea premix, which is an oat milk powder.

    This is done to offer a lactose-free milk tea alternative to consumers who are experiencing lactose intolerance. Oat milk is a good source of fibre and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

    Blackstrap Molasses As A Sugar Replacement

    Molasses is a sugarcane by-product that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It includes all the essential vitamins and minerals from the sugarcane. Molasses has a strong flavour and the distinct fragrance of sweet burnt sugar, as well as antioxidant protection from free radicals.

    • Sweetness Level Indicator

    With this smart sweetness level indicator, all consumers are now easily can add molasses syrup according to their sweetness preference.

    Low GI Value

    The blackstrap molasses has a low glycemic index (GI) which can help you feel full for longer after drinking. This may be helpful if you’re attempting to reduce weight and regulate your appetite. 


    These oat milk maple tea has zero cholesterol. Thus, you may control your consumption of cholesterol and keep it at a healthy level by including this tea in your diet, which will help you lead a longer and healthier life.

    The low in glycemic index value and cholesterol-free icon.

    Making BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea

    You can add any side condiments you like! You can add foam for a hot milk tea or ice for a cold one.

    Hot Oat Milk Maple Tea Steps: 

    1.   Pour the premix (part 1) into the cup.
    2.   Add 150 ml – 200 ml (5.07 oz – 6.76 oz) of hot water and stir.
    3.   Pour the syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your own preferred sweet taste.

    Cold Oat Milk Maple Tea Steps

    1. Pour the premix (part 1) into the cup.
    2. Add 75 ml (2.53 oz) hot water and stir.
    3. Pour the syrup (part 2) into the cup based on your own preferred sweet taste.
    4. Add ice cubes and serve.


    For the goal of maintaining secure shelving in retail and convenience stores, durable packaging has been taken into consideration for all of BlackMo’s instant drinks.

    Airtight Tub – All of tea product packaging, including the tub and sachet, has an airtight seal applied to it. This is done to eliminate any chance of coming into contact with outside air.

    Special Packaging – In order to strengthen the quality of the packaging, the tea supplier has applied 4-layered sachet packaging.

    Sustainability Conscious – BlackMo has pledged to incorporate environmental sustainability practises by producing reusable tubs packaging in order to reduce waste.

    BlackMo’s Maple Tea tub and sachet packaging in full display on wooden platforms.

    Storage Instructions

    BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea is best stored in a cold, dry place. This  tea should be consumed immediately after opening.


    Since its launch, BlackMo’s line of tea offerings, together with other selections of drink products, has gained several significant certificates since its inception.

    The complete list of BlackMo’s acquired certifications.


    How is molasses syrup benefits to Oat Milk Maple Tea?

    Molasses, being the main ingredient of the syrup is a nutrient-rich sugar by-product. It contains all the natural vitamins and minerals absorbed and produced by the sugarcane. Thus, it is used as a sugar alternative in the BlackMo products as it provides health benefits.

    How does the BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea taste like?

    BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea has an almost similar taste to Bubble Tea, often called as “Boba”. The taste is surprisingly nice and fragrant with the secret recipe of molasses with maple syrup. Every sip is refreshing as the tea extract is made from selected tea leaves, which contributes to the earthy flavor note and a soothing tea aroma.

    Is it suitable for diabetics to consume oat milk maple tea?

    Life is about balance all right? When it comes to people with diabetes, it is best to moderate the intake of milk tea. Like anything else, one to two cups a day should be fine, but you shouldn’t consume anything in excess. Besides, molasses as a sugar alternative in our BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea is known for its low glycemic index (GI) which slows down the rise of blood sugar level. Also, ones can adjust the amount of syrup added into the prepared tea due to the convenient dual-pack with the sweetness level indication clearly printed on the sachet.

    Technical Specifications Table of BlackMo Oat Milk Maple Tea

    General Information:
    Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
    Blackmo Oat Milk Maple Tea

    Product Code

    9 556481 257316

    Total Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    *Net Weight (Tub)

    Net Weight: 340 g (11.99 oz) (34 g / 1.19 oz) X 10 Sachets)

    Gross Weight: 460 g (16.22 oz)

    Weight (1 Tub + 1 Carton + Packaging Material)

    1.26 kg

    44.45 oz

    Weight (Lid Only)

    13.1 g

    0.46 oz

    Weight (Tub Only)

    60.5 g

    2.13 oz

    Weight (Per Sachet)

    *Net Weight

    34 g

    1.20 oz

    Dimensions (Whole Tub) (Length x Width x Height)

    152.32mm Length X 130.86mm Width X 158.00mm Height

    6 ″ Length vs 5.15 ″ Width x 6.22 ″ Height

    Dimensions (Lid) (Diameter)

    148.72 mm

    5.856 ″

    Dimensions (Whole Tub) (Length x Width x Height)

    152.32mm Length X 130.86mm Width X 158.00mm Height

    6 ″ Length vs 5.15 ″ Width x 6.22 ″ Height

    Number Of Sachets Available Per Tub

    10 Sachets


    18 Months From The Date Of Manufacturing

    Ingredients Information:

    Ingredient List

    Oat Milk Powder (51%)

    Molasses Syrup (38%)

    Blackstrap Molasses,



    Trisodium Phosphate (INS 339iii)

    Potassium Sorbate (INS 202)

    Sucralose (Ins 955)

    Milk Solid

    Malted Milk Powder (Barley)

    Soluble Tea Powder (3%)


    Maple Syrup (0.3%)

    Flavours And Silicon Dioxide (Ins 551)

    Premixed Powder Composition

    Refer Ingredients Mentioned Above [Percentage Will Only Be Provided For Main Ingredients]

    Premixed Powder Weight

    21 g

    0.74 oz

    Tea Type

    Selected Black Tea

    Tea Processing

    Black Tea Extract

    Caffeine Inclusion


    Caffeine Intake (Milligrams (mg) / Grain)


    Blackstrap Molasses Composition

    Molasses Syrup (38%)

    Blackstrap Molasses Weight (Grams (g) / Ounce (oz) )

    13 g

    0.46 oz

    Food Labelling



    ISO 9001:2015, Halal, MeSTI, Buatan Malaysia


    Ingredients Selected Are Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS)
    Body Material(s)


    4-Layered Packaging Body Material (Food Grade Materials)


    Made From Polypropylene (PP)


    Other Information


    Keep In A Cool And Dry Place.

    Product Origins

    Product Of Malaysia

    Product Recyclability

    - Sachet Is Non-Recyclable.
    - Tub Is Airtight, Recyclable And Reusable.


    Allergens Information

    Contains Milk And Gluten (Barley)

    Vegetarian / Vegan

    Blackmo Products Are Not Vegan As The Ingredients Consist Of Milk Derivatives But The Products Are Suitable For Lacto Vegetarian Consumers.


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